Fundraising Ideas

We need your help raising money for the cause in order to meet our goal for the event, and so we’ve compiled a list of fundraising ideas to help you reach your campaign goals. Here’s a look at all of the different ways you can help us raise money and compete for prizes:

Promote Your Fundraising Page

Every team and every individual gets their own fundraising webpage upon registering for the event. This is where we earn a large portion of our fundraising totals. You can personalize the page with pictures and your own motivation for helping us raise money, then send it out to friends, family, coworkers, etc and get them to sponsor your Dude campaign with donations. Setting up a page is easy, and raising money is addictive (and rewarding)! If you need help setting up your page, check out this guide to setting up a page.

Sell Philly Restaurant Pass Raffle Tickets

Another great and easy way to raise money for The Dude Hates Cancer is through our Philly Restaurant Pass Raffle Tickets. The first place prize is “Dinner for Two for a Year” in Philadelphia — 24 gift certificates of $50 or more to some of Philly’s best restaurants. The list of restaurants will sell itself, and all tickets you sell for us count towards your fundraising tally. It’s an easy way to help us raise a lot of money!

Host a Fundraising Event

One of the best ways to put your team on top in the Fundraising Competition is to host your own fundraising event for The Dude. And it doesn’t even have to be anything extravagant. Contact a local bar and host a happy hour with a $5 donation at the door and drink specials. Host a fundraising dinner event. Hold a bean bag tournament at your place with a $25 entry fee per participant. It’s easy, fun, and for a terrific cause.

Collect Matching Donations

Many companies will match the donations of their employees. Take advantage of this. If you work for a company like this, encourage your coworkers to donate and then submit matching donation requests. It’s an easy and awesome way to double your fundraising totals!

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